Automatic Training Recognition

Like anything we do in life we it’s great to be recognised for our achievements. So as you progress through your training and diving experience we award you with training recognition ratings to mark your achievements. These ratings are awarded automatically and are free to you. We monitor your progression and will be eager to award these to you as you progress.

Your levels of training recognition are:

12 Dives + 2 Specialties

24 Dives + 4 Specialties

50 Dives + 4 Specialties
+ Diver Stress and Rescue

These achievements are a great tool for setting your diving goals. So we offer a package price for each one so you can purchase your specialties as a package at a discounted price. Then you can complete your specialties one by one and once you meet the required number of dives you are rewarded with your training recognition.


To learn more about our Specialty Packages and how we can tailor one to you
stop into the shop or give us a call on 0421 837 127.