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Cook Island Marine Park (Otherwise known as Turtle Island) is a small volcanic outcrop located approximately 600m offshore from Fingal Head (Southern end of the Gold Coast). In 1998 this beautiful marine park was declared an aquatic reserve to protect the marine life and biodiversity of the islands reef system.

Cook Island is home to the green loggerhead turtle, as well as a stunning array of sub-tropical fish, rays, nudibranch, clownfish, gropers, parrot fish, puffer fish, octopus bullseyes and many more. You will also find migratory species of leopard sharks and manta rays in the summer and the grey nurse shark in the winter, and the wobbegongs throughout the year.

The island is essentially be broken up into three different sections, the north, south and the east. There is always a range of sites to choose from because there is always a calm side of the island protected from wind and swell, and each section has its own unique typography and marine life. And if you think the Great Barrier Reef is beautiful, wait until you see the diversity of the coral reef at Cook Island.

Another bonus of diving Cook Island is we get to spend our surface intervals watching whales as they migrate to the north, then again as they head south playing with their newborns (June – October).

Cook island dive sites

1. Turtle Cove  2. Northern Buoys  3. Mary’s Rock  4. The Amphitheatre  5. Eastern Caves  6. The Blow Hole
7. Turtle Garden  8. Southern Buoys  9. The Coral Garden  10. The Sling Shot


Cook Island is suitable for Open Water certified divers who have dived within the last 12 months.

* If it has been longer than12 months since your last dive we can give you a Refresher Course prior to coming to Cook Island with us.

  1. Choosing the date and time you would like to dive on the calendar below > Click Book Now.
  2. Choose any hire equipment you need including sizes (You are welcome you to stop by the shop prior to the day of your dive to try on your hire gear, and meet us of coarse :).
  3. Choose if you would like courtesy transport departing from Sporty’s Warehouse.
  4. Enter your details and credit card details to secure your booking. Note: We DO NOT process your payment until the day of your dive.
  5. You will receive an email confirming your registration. This email will include a link for your to complete our online waiver. Please complete this waiver prior to the day of your dive.

Please remember to bring your certification card with you on the day of your dive.

  1. If you need transport please be at Sporty’s Warehouse 1.5 hours prior to your nominated dive time. We are located 5 minutes from Surfers Paradise ($10 by Uber) and 10 minutes from Broadbeach ($15 by Uber).
  2. If you are meeting us at the boat please meet us at the Fingal Boat ramp at your nominated date and time of trip. Boat ramp is located opposite 109 Fingal Rd, Fingal Head NSW 2487
  3. You will find us setting up on the grassed area beside the boat harbour.
  4. If you experience sea sickness we advise you take sea sickness tablets on the morning of your dive. These are available from a chemist.
  5. We will check you dive certification card and have a chat with you to see how we can best look after you throughout the dives 🙂
  6. We will load the boat and head out to Cook Island where you will enjoy a couple of relaxing dives.