Learn where the Locals Learn

Like all businesses and services, you will find different dive centres have different business models. Some dive centre’s rely heavily on certifying as many Open Water (Learn to dive) students as they can, which leads to maximum students per course, bypassing a lot of the training requirements and certifying divers with minimal skills and confidence to go on and enjoy this amazing lifestyle. This business model is not in the best interest of the customer and rarely sees them have an ongoing relationship with the dive centre, especially when they learn more about diving and work out what they missed out on in their initial training…

Then there are the dive centre’s like Gold Coast Divers, who are genuinely dedicated to introducing divers to the underwater world and providing a lifetime of amazing experiences. These values are reflected through quality, personalised training courses, a high ratio of our divers continuing to dive and training with us, a dive club who train together each month, dives together most weekends and loves to welcome other local and visiting divers on all our regular dives.

Word of mouth and local knowledge is a very good indicator in the world of diving so you can rest assured knowing your choosing the right dive centre when you’re learning where the locals learn!

Choosing the Right Dive Centre

We know it is hard to choose a dive centre when you don’t know what your looking for so we created an easy checklist for you to follow, this way you know what questions to ask when enquiring. There is a minimum requirement dive centres should meet for their customers and if your not satisfied they will be met, it’s best you look somewhere else!

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